Halloween-themed weddings becoming more common

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October 14, 2018
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Choosing a wedding date is a big decision, you need to take into account the type of venue you want, the location where you want to get married and just which of your friends or family you want in attendance.

With Halloween becoming bigger and bigger in the UK year on year, more and more people are having Halloween themed weddings. Of course, all your guests dressing up could really add to the experience.  If you’re thinking of a Halloween Wedding next year, it’s now the season to soak up inspiration.

A Halloween wedding can be as bold or subtle as the couple wants. You could go full costume party or just have some orange and black decorations. Or you could just have a completely normal non-Halloween wedding, but have the door to the bathroom booby trapped so that fake spiders drop down whenever someone opens it. (Thats a free idea from Elite Marquees!)

Here, Elite Marquees have showcased some ideas for you to consider should you be thinking about a Halloween themed wedding this time next year.

Haunted Wedding Venue
There’s no point having a Halloween-themed wedding, and not hosting it in a haunted wedding venueThere is some amazing castles and venues in the North West, and they are an amazing example of how breathtaking a scary venue can look. Make it your own with spooky lighting and creepy wedding décor.

Black Wedding Dress
Part of having a Halloween-themed wedding is looking the part and getting in touch with the theme, so wearing a black wedding dress is pretty much a must. It’s against tradition, but it’s the perfect way to really embrace a spooky theme and let’s face it, who doesn’t look good in black?

Gothic Wedding Cake
There’s no limit to what some cake makers can do these days so dare to be different and really use your imagination. Choose a really dramatic, gothic wedding cake to accentuate the Halloween vibe, just like this one.

Eerie Ceremony Music
You could consider hiring a harpist play some eerie, Halloween-themed music as you walk down the aisle, or even when your guests are being seated for the ceremony. It’s the perfect way to create that spooky atmosphere, and will sound beautiful too.

Skull Centrepieces
We love this beautiful crystal encrusted Red Deer Skull, Skulls are quite often associated with Halloween, so you could invest some of your wedding budget in skeleton-style centrepieces – they will really add to the overall theme and will complement your scary venue décor. . 

‘Trick or Treat’ Sweet Table
Having a ‘trick or treat’ sweet table with gory cakes and freaky sweets (edible spiders, chewy fangs etc) – this will keep your guests’ sugar levels up and also goes perfectly with your Halloween wedding theme.

Black Wedding Flowers
Adding black flowers into your bouquet and flower arrangements will not only make it feel more Halloween-like, it will also really complement your black wedding dress. If you don’t want an entire bouquet of black flowers, why not just add a few darker blooms?

Scary Table Names
You could give your table names a spooky theme too by naming them after your favourite scary films. If films aren’t your thing as a couple, you could always use thriller novel titles, or even famous criminals and murders.

Halloween-Themed Cocktails
You could speak to the bar staff at your venue or the caterer you’re hiring and see if they can put together some Halloween-themed cocktails using smoke, funky colours and a bit of imagination.

Halloween Marquee Theme
Of course, Elite Marquees has a number of different marquees available should you be thinking of a Halloween themed wedding. Speak to us, tell us your plans and we will come up with a solution just for you and your Halloween themed wedding.

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