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April 18, 2017
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April 18, 2017

Be prepared for the weather

We all know that the British weather can’t be relied upon and even if you pick a day in the middle of August, sunshine isn’t guaranteed (as much as we would all love it too of course!) So when it comes to planning an outdoor event using marquee hire Liverpool you want to make sure you select the right marquee and take in to account how well it can withstand wind and rain.

It’s important to choose a heavy-duty marquee that we can happily provide because nobody wants a leak in the roof at a party!

Temperature and ventilation

Again it comes with the typical British weather and everybody wishes for a warm, but not too warm, day or night for their ideal party. Now that you’ve prepared yourself for rain, what if it’s a surprisingly hot day? Have you considered how easily your marquee hire Liverpool can be opened to keep everybody cool? Well thankfully our marquees can have windows and doors fitted wherever you like so if it’s raining then you can keep them shut or if it’s warm you can open them and have a breeze coming through.


Elite Marquee’s pride themselves in their ability to comprehend the theme of an event and build the most suitable marquee to complete the overall vision. Our range of marquees is diverse and adaptable to form the basis of any event.

If you’ve opted for a winter party then you’ll likely have to think about heating, and even in the early summer months the evenings can still get quite chilly so it’s important to consider the heating options in your marquee hire Liverpool.

We know that the basics aren’t the most exciting thing but you don’t want to put lots of time and effort in to planning the perfect party and then have your guests leaving early because they’re too cold, so considering the heating option is important.


Your lighting choice will definitely have an effect on the overall atmosphere of your event so it’s something that you should consider in detail. When using marquee hire Liverpool we want to emphasise that lighting accounts for some of the most exciting and creative marquee effects. Just imagine an indoor night sky, large scale or subtle colour washes, pretty hanging lanterns, the possibilities are endless.

Like flowers, lighting can set the tone for a whole event – dramatic, welcoming, and surprising…And don’t forget marquee exteriors or their surroundings. In the right space, they can also be illuminated to create a stunning first impression on guests. Careful control of lighting can also be very functional, focusing attention on stage speakers at more formal events. Just have a look at the photographs on our website for a bit of inspiration.


Probably the most dull topic to mention but a very vital thing that needs to be checked off the party planning to-do list. Marquee hire Liverpool can function without power but it would be just that, a marquee. If you want a spectacular event with lighting and everything else then you need to be able to power it. You don’t want to have spent hours finding the perfect food, lighting, DJ, etc. and then have it come to the day realising your dream can’t be a reality because there’s no power to your marquee.

Marquee style

You’ve thought long and hard about what your ideal event will be like and now it’s time to turn your thoughts in to something solid. It’s important to consider the size of marquee for your needs; think about how many people you intend on inviting and speak to us for more information; after all we do this for a living.


So you’ve got most of the details for your marquee hire Liverpool sorted and now you need to remember that you’ve potentially got the perfect marquee on a grassy floor.

It’s quite likely that half of your guests are going to be wearing heels with their outfit and so we advise you to consider our various flooring options.

There are many different questions to be deliberated when booking a Marquee and Elite always recommends a site visit; the consultations are easy and efficient, leaving you feeling confident and assured. Simply call us on 01704512759 or 07850283562 for more information.

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