Millennial wedding trends becoming more popular, according to a new survey.

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November 18, 2018

Millennial brides are choosing less tradition and opting more for options that focus on technology when it comes to wedding planning, according to a new survey.

A recent poll of 500 millennial woman, aged 25 to 34 carried out by Dealspotr Influencer Marketplace looked at which wedding details are most important to millennial brides – the poll found that the modern day generation of brides are replacing old-fashioned bridal traditions with other, more technologically-savvy ones.

According to the survey, 25% cent of brides will create of have created  a Snapchat geofilter – On top of this 37% plan or used an Instagram wedding hashtag to keep track of pictures uploaded to social media.

With advances in technology, the way guests are invited to millennial weddings has changed altogether, with just half of brides still using physical save-the-dates – and the rest relying on virtual invites.

Millennials also splash the cash on videographers as well, to ensure that there is not a single moment of their weddings that goes unrecorded – many opt for wedding videos that play a highlights reel.

Now a days, the wedding planning starts on social media almost straight after the engagement – with 25% millennial brides revealing they use Instagram to find wedding suppliers such as food, drink and of course Marquee hire.

To ensure an Instagram-worthy wedding, millennials have placed a large importance on the location of the venue – with location the most important factor apart from price.

Of course, this shift in focus of weddings that are worthy of social media-envy doesn’t come without a hefty price tag – as millennials now “spend more on weddings than any generation before them,” with an average millennial wedding costing £27,000

Other trends from the report show that things such as wedding favours and wedding registries are now seen as outdated – with less than half of brides opting to include neither.

Futhermore, weddings have also become more secular affairs, with the survey finding that the majority of brides, 62%, are choosing to bypass religious weddings in favour of non-denominational ones – now only 42% of brides want a bachelorette party.

Because of social media taking priority on the big day, brides are opting for picture-perfect weddings instead of traditional ones.


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