School erects marquee to give pupils extra winter space during pandemic

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November 14, 2020

A school in Milford, Hamshire has created a new outdoor classroom to help its pupils get through the winter with some extra space amid the pandemic. The reason we are reporting on this is because we are currently discussing similar solutions for schools in the North West and wanted to showcase how such a solution could work.

Milford Primary School said the importance of sports and outdoor learning persuaded it to invest more than £7,000 hiring a huge marquee. We wish to stress here, price depends on the situation and marquee and £7,000 might not be the final amount.

The structure they chose was roughly the same size as the school hall, the marquee hire company supplied flooring, lighting and tables to ensure the youngsters to spend time outside and run around even in bad weather.

Head teacher for the school Kate Crawford said:

“The marquee is huge and really well ventilated so it ideal for the children to run around in”

“If the weather is awful it means we can still go ahead with PE lessons and our forest school learning; and it also gives us an extra space to do small group work and provide curriculum catch-up for the children who need it.

However, the school is still looking for extra cash to help cover the hire costs through the winter months.

Miss Crawford said:

“We have been given money towards extra tuition for the children that need it but there is no extra money for things like marquees or extra resources. We have a parent who is looking into setting up a crowdfunding page for us.”

“Because our children are taught in bubbles, they will spend a lot their time in one classroom – so we felt it was really important to give them a chance to get outside and run around or perhaps have a dance to some music.

“The children absolutely love it – they have all adjusted so incredibly well to the huge changes we have had to make to school life. This allows us to continue doing the activities that they love through the winter.”

The school is looking to provide the marquee hire solution until April with things are hopefully a little better in the word.

Miss Crawford added: “Although there is a slight expense for us to hire the marquee, for the suppliers its will also be a bit of a lifeline.

“They have essentially had their whole summer season wiped out this year so we are also supporting another local business to stay afloat.”

We echo the comments of Miss Crawford and we thank her for sharing her support with the Marquee hire business at this difficult time.

If your school is looking for a Marquee hire solution over the next few months, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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