Things to consider before you propose

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November 6, 2018
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With Christmas around the corner, many men might be thinking towards making the next step with their loved one. You might have both swiped right, met through a friend or perhaps you’re high school sweethearts. Somehow you found love and it’s time to put a ring on it!

Planning a wedding proposal can be a long and tedious process, especially if you want it to be perfect. So Elite Marquees have put together some handy tips of things you can’t or shouldn’t forget before you get down on one knee. 

1. Make sure you’re on the same page.

This is obvious, but before you start planning, its important to make sure that you and your partner are both in the same place. Have a chat, to see if they see marriage in the future. But be careful not to make the conversation feel too much like a proposal. Perhaps mention your best friends engagement or talk about a wedding you have recently been too. It is a hard and tricky conversation, but hopefully you will come away knowing that your partner will say yes! When you open that ring box.

2. Talk to her parents.

This will go a long way with both your partner and her parents. Old school? Yes. Important? Certainly! If your partner has hinted in any way that you need to ask their parents, then do iit! That doesn’t mean your partner is anyone’s property, though. Try something like this: “I am deeply in love with your son/daughter, and we want to spend our lives together. I am planning to propose, and want you to be involved in this exciting moment!”

3. Size it right.

One of the hardest parts of buying an engagement ring, is ring sizing. Unless your partner knows the proposal is coming. If it’s not a secret, just ask. If you’re going the surprise route, check your partner’s jewelry drawer. Find a ring that he or she wears regularly (and make a note of which finger it goes on!), then either bring it with you to a jeweler or mark how far it fits on your own finger. Many jewelers can also make a good guess at a ring size based on your partner’s height and weight. And of course, there’s always resizing!

4. Save up.

As a rule, tradition states that an engagement ring should cost three months’ salary, but that’s no hard and fast rule. Instead, start saving a few pounds here and there and decide what you’re comfortable spending.

5. Do some research.

This is a piece of jewelry your partner will be wearing every day for the rest of their life, they will show everyone of their friends, it will be plastered all over social media, so get a sense of what they’ll really love! Snap photos of the jewelry they wear everyday, look for that secret Pinterest board, or ask a close friend or family member to help you narrow it down.

6. Determine the priorities.

There are so many things to consider when buying an engagement ring: Metal, stone, shape, and size! Would your partner rather have a bigger diamond (meaning you might need to sacrifice the clarity or colour to keep it in your budget), or does having a nearly-flawless stone top the list? Or would your partner rather have a ring with a different centre stone altogether? So many choices.

7. Choose the right jeweller.

You might walk past a jeweller every day on your way to work, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best place to look! Ask around for recommendations (or see if there’s a friend or family member in the biz who you should talk to!) to make sure you’re purchasing from a trusted store with great reviews and service.

8. Get personal.

Once you have the ring, it’s time to plan the proposal! You need really think about the type of proposal your partner will love, whether it’s a grand gesture, an intimate moment, or a surprise surrounded by family and friends.

9. Take notes.

You don’t need to have a speech totally written out, but you spend a little time jotting down what you’d like to say. Getting your thoughts down on paper and in order will give you some direction when it’s time to pop the question, even if you end up winging half of it anyway.

10. Plan a celebration.

Make sure you’ve got an idea of how the two of you will celebrate the big moment. Book a table at your favourite restaurant, tuck some champagne in the fridge, or have a few friends waiting in the wings.


11. Find the right moment.

Be prepared to go with the flow. Don’t rush the proposal just because the sun is about to set or dinner is nearly over—wait until the moment really feels right. And if you’ve planned something a little more low key, that very well might mean waiting a few days if your partner is stressed from work or the weather is better.

12. Keep the ring safe.

From the second you have the ring in your hands, keep it safe! Invest in insurance right away, then find a safe place to hide the ring until it’s time. When you’re ready to propose, safety is still key! Make sure the ring is secure in a zipped pocket or safely in the box, somewhere you’ll be able to reach easily without dropping it.

If you do get proposed this time this year, when the time is right. Don’t hesitate to contact Elite Marquees to kick off your big day plans. 

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