Coronavirus: Wedding industry ‘left out in the cold,’ says Labour
December 29, 2020
Venue Demand High
March 3, 2021

We were very excited this week to hear of the return of weddings, and whilst its not going to be tomorrow, we can certainly look ahead to the summer.

Genuinely the vibe has been positive, and since Monday this week, our phone has not stopped.

The Government published its roadmap out of lockdown Monday – which said that unrestricted weddings could begin again from June 21.

However, these changes are contingent on meeting the prime ministers “four tests” which include the continued success of vaccine rollout, no increase in hospitalisations, as well as vaccines reducing deaths, and information about new variants not changing the assessment of risk.

2022 is set to be the busiest year for weddings on record as couples scramble to make bookings and make up for lost time during the pandemic.

According to wedding planning and booking app Bridebook, the UK has a backlog of at least 253,000 weddings which will last a DECADE.

But its no all been a positive response –  The UK Weddings Taskforce has been negotiating with government on the reopening of the sector. It said it was “disappointed” that restrictions were being lifted so gradually.

Today, it released a statement which read:

“It is disappointing that for the next four months we will only gradually get to 30 guests permitted at a wedding. This is simply unviable for most businesses. The infrastructure at the heart of our sector is close to collapse and until weddings can proceed normally 400,000 jobs across 60,000 businesses remain in jeopardy.”

Despite this, as a company we are only looking forward, and can’t wait to do our bit to get the wedding industry and marquee hire industry in Lancashire, Merseyside, Cumbria and Greater Manchester moving again.

Should you want to discuss your big day, we urge you to get in touch. We have dealt with everything over the years, but nothing as massive as the Coronavirus crises. But we are please to say that hopefully we are finally coming out the other side.

Now go and get vaccinated.   

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