Your Covid-19 Questions Answered

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April 18, 2020
Did you know . . . We did bars for smaller gatherings.
May 27, 2020

So, you and your party have been counting down the days, weeks, and months until your big event – the calendar has been marked since you put down your venue deposit!  When planning an event such as a wedding or 40th birthday party, no one ever expected a global pandemic to interfere with their big day. Yet, that is exactly what is happening with events up and down the country.

With the presence of COVID-19, the majority of event plans we help put in place have required some sort of change. Couples have rightly questioned whether to continue on as planned, head to the courthouse, or postpone celebrations to a later date.

It’s a time of uncertainty, yet it’s important not to panic. 

Elite Marquees listening to bride and grooms-to-be, our customers and our partners put together a list of the most commonly asked COVID-19 so far.

Are you still open?

Yes – Although our workforce has been scaled down massively we still have remote admin staff to discuss bookings and arrange logistics for current bookings. 

When can we book for 2021?

We are still taking bookings now as normal for 2020 and on wards, the current situation has not stopped us taking bookings as long as the customers are following government guidelines. 

How long do we need to book an event?

Depending on the event itself this will dictate how much time you need, as a professional and a well-established company, we can offer a full event package service where we can assist with prior and on the day planning so to answer the question, it is based on the occasion. ie: a wedding easily 12-18 months in advance or a private birthday party can be within weeks or as long as is needed to get invites out. 

What are the venues that you work with saying?

Our venues are in the same position as us and are still operating for admin and taking bookings. We have been in regular contact with all the venues that we work with just in case restrictions are lifted at the last minute.

What safety precautions are you going to put in place?

We have moved all of our office staff to work from home and our main contractors have been supplied with the necessary PPE and training to meet government guidelines to work and social distance. 

What does the most recent government Coronavirus announcement (11th May 2020) mean for weddings?

In short, the festivities can hopefully begin again soon. Small weddings will hopefully be able to go ahead in June and larger events hopefully in July. It is important to note that this is the government’s plan and it is dependant on the R rate and the UK’s new COVID Alert Level. When weddings can go ahead, we can anticipate that they will be socially distanced events and guest numbers will be limited until we reach COVID Alert Level 1.

What advice is there for couples wanting a date next year when they could be competing with double the amount of brides and grooms?

This is the question we have probably been asked the most, our advice is simple. Get in touch with us and start an open and honest dialogue as soon as possible, whether that’s putting into action a full postponement plan or at least setting up a contingency plan for peace of mind and then staying in regular contact.

How to contact Elite Marquee Hire?

Our office staff are currently working remote, but can contacted on the following lines of communication

You can also use the live chat on our Facebook page which is monitored regularly, 7 days a week.

From all of the Elite Marquees team, stay safe. x

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